Welcome to the Timp Teller chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild! We are a community of people who love storytelling—whatever form that takes–and we’re excited you’re here with us.

Our Mission

To develop and nurture excellence in storytellers.

As we come together as storytellers, we are inspired and empowered to achieve our personal storytelling goals and support the storytelling goals of others.

Guild Meeting Format

We meet on the first Thursday of every month in the Media Auditorium of the Orem Public Library from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m.

Click here for a schedule of upcoming guild meetings.

During that time, we may have a workshop that develops skills or teaches information about storytelling. Other times, tellers may share brand new “baby” stories or practice “performance ready” stories. Tellers may also take the opportunity to help each other by sharing appreciations and modeling one-on-one coaching.

While ALL members of the community are welcome to join our meetings, only USG members are able to tell stories. To become a USG member, click here.


As we share stories, we follow the principles outlined by Doug Lipman in his book The Storytelling Coach. (You can borrow this book at the Orem Library.)

In it, he explains that for a story’s unique potential to be realized, the storyteller must be completely in charge. One way to facilitate this is to give what we call “appreciations” after a teller shares their story. Appreciations can be what you liked about a story, how the teller told the story, or how the story made you feel.

As you listen to stories during guild meeting, we ask that you refrain from offering suggestions–unless the teller specifically asks a question that solicits suggestions.